Meal-Morial Madness (2020)

UPDATE 5/24/2020

Thanks to the generous support of everyone who watched and donated we’ve raised $3,130 for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Thank you so much for the help you’ve provided your community in this time of need.

We’ll be in touch with the donation incentive winners as soon as we recoup and calculate donation totals.

What Is Meal-Morial Madness?

Meal-Morial Madness is a day of video games and friends coming together to raise money for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. You can join in by playing some games with us – and if you can – by donating directly to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

When Is Meal-Morial Madness?


How Do I Watch?

You can watch by going to

If you want to watch on your TV, the Twitch App is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

How Do I Donate?

By clicking here and going to our donation page for the event. All donations go directly to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

And as an extra thank you for your support during our Meal-Morial Madness event, we will be raffling off several prizes based on the total dollar amount you’ve donated. If you would like to be entered in these raffles, please include your email address when you donate. Raffle entries are based on cumulative donation totals, so you can donate multiple times to be eligible – just be sure to use the same email address each time.

Can I Participate?

Sure! You can interact with us via social media up to and during the event. You can also play some games with us during the stream! Check the schedule below for details.

What’s the Schedule?

All times are EDT and subject to change.

7 AM: Pre-show!

John hosts our pre-show, talking about fun games from the past and remembering events from Cherup & Cherup Securities Cruises Extended Warranties & Catering throughout the years. So roll out of bed and fire up Twitch while we get ourselves prepared for an exciting charity event.

12 PM: The Wonderful 101 Remastered

We’re kicking off this event with one of Jared’s favorite games of all time. Seriously. This action-adventure title from Platinum Games is an overlooked gem.

1 PM: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s currently the hottest game of the year! We’ll show you our islands and discuss how this game has kept us sane during the pandemic.

2 PM: Splatoon 2

Are you a kid, or are you a squid? If you haven’t experienced the colorful chaos of this turf-war ink shooter, you’re in for a treat.

3 PM to 4 PM: Panel de Pon / Disney Emoji Blitz

Our puzzle game block includes two tile-matching games. Jared will show off Panel de Pon, a Japan exclusive game finally available on Switch, where tiles can only be moved horizontally. Then watch Jess showcase her talents in Disney Emoji Blitz, an adorable and addictive puzzler for mobile devices.

4 PM: Drawful (Join in from home!)

Another hero of this pandemic is the wide variety of games available through the six Jackbox Party Pack Games. We’ll start with Drawful, a Pictionary-esque game that will help you discover just how bad you are at drawing things.

Want to play? Go to on your mobile device and enter the room code when we start the game. If you don’t get into the main game, you can still participate as part of the audience!

5 PM to 7 PM: Nidhogg / Human Fall Flat / Untitled Goose Game / What the Golf?

Our indie block features four games we think you’ll enjoy. Nidhogg is a tug-of-war stabby battle, and Human Fall Flat is a quirky and floaty puzzle platformer. Untitled Goose Game features a goose. What the Golf? was made by people who don’t play golf.

7 PM: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

You know it, you love it – it’s Mario Kart. Will we get a Luigi death glare? Watch to find out!

8 PM: Tetris 99 (Join in from home!)

Our resident Tetris master* will show off this amazing online multiplayer version of the classic puzzle game.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and an online subscription, you can download this game for free and join in the fun!

* Not a Grandmaster… YET

9 PM: Trivia Murder Party & Quiplash (Join in from home!)

It’s time for more Jackbox fun – this time with a trivia game that wants to kill you, and a game of wits and hilarious prompts! Warning: Some game content may not be kid-friendly.

Want to play? Go to on your mobile device and enter the room code when we start the game. If you don’t get into the main game, you can still participate as part of the audience!

10:30 PM: Killer Queen Black

This multiplayer platform battle game lets you win three different ways – conquer the queen, collect berries, or ride the snail to victory!

11:30 PM: Surprise Final Game

What will it be?! Trust us, you aren’t ready for this jelly.