Donation Incentives

We’re excited to offer a variety of fun raffle prizes that you can be entered to win when you support the Mid-Ohio Foodbank during our Meal-Morial Madness event!

$5 donation: Perler bead Isabelle (from the Animal Crossing series)

Ever since her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle has won our hearts and become a mascot of the game series. Thanks to Jess Mowery for crafting and donating this kawaii perler bead version of our beloved Shih Tzu!

$10 donation: Timmy & Tommy amigurumi (from the Animal Crossing series)

Which one is Timmy, and which one is Tommy? Yeah, I don’t know either. Regardless, they’ll both gladly take your hard-earned bells in exchange for merchandise. Thanks to Lindsey Jensen for crafting and donating this adorable pair of young entrepreneurs!

$20 donation: Leapster 2 Learning Game System

Leapster 2 features more than 30 games with the characters kids know and love from Leap Frog. Games are suitable for kids 4-8 years. Thanks to Chris McLaughlin for donating this fun and educational game system!

$25 donation: Game Boy Advance SP with charger and carrying case

Relive your childhood with a Game Boy SP! This retro system is in great condition and comes with everything you need to start playing some classic handheld games. Thanks to Chris McLaughlin for donating this gem!

$30 donation: CommanderVideo collectible figurine

Who is CommanderVideo? What are his motivations, other than staying in rhythm? We may never know the complete answers to these questions, but now you can have your very own collectible CommanderVideo, star of the Bit.Trip series of games. Thanks to Chris McLaughlin for donating this stylish figurine complete with a rainbow cape.

$30 donation: Hollow Knight for the Nintendo Switch

Explore a vast, ruined kingdom full of twisting caverns, ancient cities, and mysterious creatures in Hollow Knight, an epic 2D action-adventure game from Team Cherry. This is a physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch.

$35 donation: Steam code for The Wonderful 101 Remastered

This superhero action-adventure game from PlatinumGames first debuted as a Wii U exclusive, but is now available in a remastered version. Unite your heroes to protect the Earth from vicious alien invaders! This code allows you to download the full version of the game for PC on Steam.

$35 donation: 3D printed goose (from Untitled Goose Game)

This lightweight and well-made 9″ tall goose features a magnet in the beak so it can pick up small metal objects around your home. Have fun terrorizing your family! If you aren’t lucky enough to win this goose, you can buy your own from Etsy seller BlueHillsCo. Use code MEALMORIAL for 10% off your order!

PLEASE NOTE: Raffle entries for incentives are based on cumulative donation totals by email address. Donors will receive raffle entries for all incentives for which they qualify. Raffle winners will be chosen after the event and contacted at the email address provided. Winners will forfeit and an alternative winner will be chosen if prize is not accepted within three (3) days after being contacted. Event hosts are not eligible to win donation incentives.