Your donation to Feeding America during Meal-Morial Madness will enter you into raffle drawings for a variety of prizes. The minimum donation amount varies for each prize, so be sure to donate at least the minimum amount in a single donation in order to be eligible for that prize’s raffle drawing.

Watch this space for top secret prizes that may appear during the stream!

Crackdown 3 – $1 Donation

It’s back. The ambiance. The luxury. The elegance. The nonsense. 

Celeste Acrylic Keychain – $5 Donation

You’ll be able to climb any mountain with this one of a kind keepsake. 

Fallout Vault-Tec Power Armor Action Figure – $5 Donation

A must-have collectible for Fallout fans!

Cinnamon the Squishmallow (12-inch) -$10 Donation

Want to squish something sweet? OF COURSE YOU DO. 

Flick Poster (8×10) – $10 Donation

Our favorite bug collecting friend from Animal Crossing immortalized by artist Marlowe Dobb.

Kirby Resin Shaker Charm/Keychain -$10 Donation

A little bit of adorable straight from Dreamland for your pocket. 

MarioKart Lamp – $10 Donation

Light your course with this cute little lamp. 

Orange Pokémon Lanyard and cloth – $10 Donation

Who’s that Pokémon? No really.

Purple Pokémon Lanyard and cloth – $10 Donation

Who’s that Pokémon? This time, in purple!

Amazon Gift Card – $15 Donation

Bezos bucks on a card!

Overwatch Ultimates – Sombra / Tracer Action Figure – $15 Donation

Hasbro action figure versions of two awesome characters from Overwatch.

Metroid Dread Collectors Edition (With Arm Cannon) – $20 Donation

Play as Samus on your Nintendo AND in real life. Become the intergalactic bounty hunter you’ve always dreamed of being!

Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake Painted Statue – $25 Donation

Snake? SNAAAKE! Display your favorite FOXHOUND operative in a place of honor, or just under a cardboard box.

Nendoroid Overwatch Torbjorn / Overwatch Soldier: 76 Figurines – $25 Donation

Do you like Overwatch and cuteness? Then we have you covered with these two Nendoroid figures!

Nintendo Switch Power A Fusion Pro Controller – $50 Donation

Up your game with this incredible controller. Includes 4 mappable paddles allowing you to game your way. 

Skyward Sword Joy-Cons – $50 Donation

Relive the joy of motion controls with these special edition joy-cons. Or, forget the joy and play in handheld mode. We don’t care—we’re not your dad.

Mario Pipe Cross Stitch – $75 Donation

A fun take on the adventures of our favorite plumber. 

Grand Prize – Playstation 5

With a cumulative donation amount of $150 during Meal-Morial Madness, you’re eligible for an entry in our Grand Prize raffle for a PS5!

Yes, we really got a PS5. Yes, it’s real. Yes, you want it.

($150 cumulative donations will be totaled by email address, so be sure to use the same email address across multiple donations in order to be eligible.)

Important Note: Hosts and players involved with Meal-Morial Madness are not eligible to win raffle prizes. All winners will be contacted via email after the event.