With your generous donation to Feeding America, you can choose to be entered to win a variety of prizes. Each prize has a minimum donation requirement and you must choose the prize you’re interested in when completing your donation to be eligible. Only one entry can be claimed per donation, but you may enter multiple times with additional donations.

$1 – Crackdown 3 for Xbox One

Experience the glamour of this third installment of the renowned Crackdown series.

$5 – Framed Left 4 Dead Poster

Get ready to fight the horde whenever you look at this poster.

$5 – The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Poster (Club Nintendo Exclusive)

Rep your Zelda fan status with this exclusive Phantom Hourglass poster.

$5 – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Poster (Club Nintendo Exclusive)

Rep your Zelda fan status with this exclusive Twilight Princess poster.

$5 – Gold Mario Amiibo

Solid GOLD*, baby.

*Not actually real gold. But still really cool.

$5 – K.K. Slider Plushie

Ask Isabelle about your island evaluations and maybe this plushie will come to your house and serenade you.

$10 – Pokémon Pearlers

Gotta bead ’em all! These handcrafted pearlers are both adorable and fierce.

$10 – Sonic the Hedgehog Phone & Controller Holder

Will it also hold your Game Gear? Find out!

$15 – Metroid Cannon

Live like Samus anytime you want! What can you do with an arm cannon? ANYTHING.

$15 – Legend of Zelda Pillow

Our sleep scientists guarantee you’ll get the best sleep in all Hyrule!

$25 – Retron 5 Console

Play all of your retro games on one system! Comes with controller and adapter for your Game Gear and Master System games.

$35 – Tom Nook Cross Stitch

Give the raccoon man his bells! Handcrafted with care and ready to hang.

$50 – Bowsette Art Doll

A meme handcrafted in loving detail. If you know, you know.

Grand Prize

If you donate $75 or more (cumulative) during the course of the event, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for our grand prize – a Nintendo Switch! Only one entry per person.

Please note: Hosts and players involved with Meal-Morial Madness are not eligible for winning raffle prizes. Winners will chosen and contacted via email after the event.