When and how to watch

The 4 Score & 7 Pongs Ago event happens today starting around 12:00PM EST.

You can watch LIVE on the official Twitch channel.

If you can’t watch all day, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to get updates throughout the day.

And please, don’t forget to donate what you can to help out Child’s Play. We’re shooting for $1,000 by the end of the day…every little bit helps, thank you!

Game Schedule

All times are EST

12 PM – Introduction

12:15 PM – Resogun 45 min run for high score (Brian)

1:05 PM – Resogun 45 min run for high score (Jared)

1:50 – Break

2:00 PM – Nidhogg (head to head) most matches won in 45 min

2:45 PM – Break

3:00 PM – Windjammers (head to head) most matches won in 45 min

3:45 PM – Break

4:00 PM – Pinball 45 min run for high score (Jared)

4:50 PM – Pinball 45 min run for high score (Brian)

5:35 PM – Break

5:50 PM – Tekken 6 (head to head) most matches won in 45 min

6:35 PM – Small break and closing ceremonies

We’ll update our site tomorrow, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

And most importantly make sure to bookmark our Twitch page which is where we’ll be broadcasting from.

A new tradition, a new trophy

The coveted Golden Joystick has been the trademark trophy of 4S7P since the first battle back in 2011. That won’t change this year as the winner will take the Golden Joystick home to enjoy for the entire year.

But this year we’re adding a new tradition with a new trophy.


This trophy doesn’t replace the Golden Joystick. Nay, nothing could ever live up to that demand. No, instead we’re adding a trophy to the ceremony. This trophy is slightly less posh and by all rights, pretty boring, but it will be given to this year’s champion for them to keep.

Chasing the Golden Joystick is drives us. Motivates us. It infiltrates our dreams at night. This new trophy is just a momento, really…a souvenir for the victor. Something that isn’t handed back and fourth, year after year. This one’s a keeper.

Who will be the first to receive this new trinket? Will it be Jared, the defending 2-time champ and captain of Team Jarbo? Or will Brian of Team Toast bring the gold back home where it started in 2011?

It’s going to be a long, grueling day of battle for video game supremacy this Saturday. With this year’s new format, having the stamina and endurance is just as important as playing the games. Choose your team and place your bets.

But wait…lets not be too selfish here. Lets not forget this year, Four Score & 7 Pongs Ago is about the children. Help us reach our goal of $1000 in donations for Child’s Play so we can share the gift of gaming with those who need it most. Please, donate what you can.

Don’t forget to watch it LIVE on Twitch, this Saturday, Janurary 16 starting around 12PM ET. Follow @4score7pongs for updates and like us on Facebook.

Game Announcement: Windjammers

The third game for the 4S7P day-long battle is a head-to-head arcade classic, Windjammers.


I first discovered Windjammers in my early days of emulators. I never saw or played Windjammers in the arcades but I probably would have overlooked it since it didn’t have guns, spaceships or robots. Although, being a NeoGeo game is definitely a check in the right column.

At its core, Windjammers is Pong. Two players face each other trying to throw their Frisbee into the other’s goal. Simple enough, right? Sorta…

The characters in Windjammers are along the lines of those you might find in any random pre-2000 volleyball game. Each has their own balance of speed and power, and each come from a different country.

While I’ve played Windjammers quite a bit, I’ve never played against another human so going head-to-head with Jared should prove a worthy test. Prior to now, he had never played it at all, so I have a slight advantage but playing the AI is rarely good practice for a human opponent.

I expect Windjammers to be fast, furious play with some very close matches. I don’t think it has the spectator excitement of Nidhogg but should be far from boring.

Since Windjammers has some play options, here are the ones we’ll be using:

  • 30 second time limit
  • Stadium arena

…and it just hit me right now that Super Dodgeball would have been a great title for this year. Someone remember that for next year…

Game Announcement: Resogun

Resogun made it’s 4S7P debut last year. It was a new game to me but it’s mechanics were well known.

Resogun is a 21st century Defender, and they’re not hiding it at all. Thing is, I love Defender. I love it because it’s extremely hard…I’m a glutton for punishment. Resogun is much easier, and looks much prettier, but it’s still a blast to play.

Jared and I squared off in a nail-biter last year, and while I lost the bout, I was happy with my performance for a first-time player.

I’m looking forward to this rematch. I still don’t have Resogun at home, so I can’t practice at all, but it should be another close feud to watch.

Hang a poster, help the cause

As was announced tonight, this year’s 4 Score & 7 Pongs Ago tournament will benefit Child’s Play. We want to raise $1000 and every little bit will help.

So to help motivate and get the word out, I’ll donate an extra $20 for every person that prints out this poster, hangs it up where others can see it and then tweets a photo of it to @4Score7Pongs. Simple as that.

Of course, you should donate yourself too as every dollar goes to a great charity.

Click to get the larger version


There are two battles going on this January…the battle to crown the next 4Score Champion, and the battle raise $1000 for Child’s Play. We can do it!