Meal-Morial Madness History


The idea for Meal-Morial Madness was pretty simple. It was May 2020, in those confusing early months of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of us were stuck at home feeling isolated and anxious; some of us working from home, and others out of work. Streaming games was a fun way to safely connect with friends, and Meal-Morial Madness upped the ante. What if instead of just having a fun time, we could also do some good? During a 12-hour marathon on May 23, Meal-Morial Madness did just that and raised $3,130 for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank!

Promotional Materials from Meal-Morial Madness 2020-2022

Growing Larger

Meal-Morial Madness was originally conceived as a one time event, but it was such a success that it seemed like a shame not to do it again in 2021… but a little bit longer! Thanks to vaccines, a small group could gather in person to run the event, which made it possible to expand to a 24-hour marathon. We brought back favorites like Killer Queen Black and Jackbox Party Packs, introduced the coveted overnight shift, and raised $6,012 for Feeding America.

One of our local news stations even interviewed Jared about it!

In 2022, we raised the stakes again. We scheduled a 36-hour marathon stream, which meant even more games, even less sleep, and so many more chances for technical glitches. We set our fundraising goal at $10,000. Once again, our amazing community came through to support folks in need, and we raised $10,735 for Feeding America.

In 2023, we set a goal for $15,000 and another 36 hours. We were short of our goal, but we still raised $9,740.00 for Feeding America.


Life may be a little different for us in 2024, but there are still too many people here in Central Ohio and around the country who experience food insecurity, so we’re gearing up for another year of the Madness. We still love coming together to play games with our friends, we still want to help out our neighbors, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us!