Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago started out as a gaming competition between two friends, Jared and Brian, but over the years it’s morphed from a single event into a collective of like-minded people, brought together by our love of friends, gaming, and giving back to our community. You could truly say that the real Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago was the friends we made along the way.

Past 4S7P projects include the original flavor Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago Tournaments , and the Sines, Co-Sines, and Tangents Podcast

The New 2023 4Score7Pongs Logo
The New 2023 4Score7Pongs Logo

These days the main project for team 4S7P is Meal-Morial Madness, our annual charity gaming marathon held Memorial Day weekend. Meal-Morial Madness, which launched in 2020, exists to raise money to end hunger in the United States. Check out the Meal-Morial Madness 2023 page to learn more.

You can keep up with our community via the social channel of your choice, including our shiny new Mastodon instance. (It’s only a matter of time before Twitter self-destructs, so we’re ready!) Or not, that’s really up to you.

One thing that hasn’t changed around 4S7P over the years? Jared’s still the ringleader.