Game Announcement: Windjammers

The third game for the 4S7P day-long battle is a head-to-head arcade classic, Windjammers.


I first discovered Windjammers in my early days of emulators. I never saw or played Windjammers in the arcades but I probably would have overlooked it since it didn’t have guns, spaceships or robots. Although, being a NeoGeo game is definitely a check in the right column.

At its core, Windjammers is Pong. Two players face each other trying to throw their Frisbee into the other’s goal. Simple enough, right? Sorta…

The characters in Windjammers are along the lines of those you might find in any random pre-2000 volleyball game. Each has their own balance of speed and power, and each come from a different country.

While I’ve played Windjammers quite a bit, I’ve never played against another human so going head-to-head with Jared should prove a worthy test. Prior to now, he had never played it at all, so I have a slight advantage but playing the AI is rarely good practice for a human opponent.

I expect Windjammers to be fast, furious play with some very close matches. I don’t think it has the spectator excitement of Nidhogg but should be far from boring.

Since Windjammers has some play options, here are the ones we’ll be using:

  • 30 second time limit
  • Stadium arena

…and it just hit me right now that Super Dodgeball would have been a great title for this year. Someone remember that for next year…






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