Meet Our Volunteers

Want to know a little more about the folks who spend their time and energy making Meal-Morial Madness a success? Yes?! Well then, read on!


Jared / Jarbochov (he/him)

I am a lifelong gamer and collector. I have thousands of games and tons of consoles. My two pinnacle games are The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid. My most recent favorite game is Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. I love video games. They are the intersection of art and technology.

kinda created Four Score Seven Pongs Ago a while ago and helped build a community around it which then led to this whole Meal-Morial Madness hubbub. You can find me streaming new games and classic games often and occasionally writing about them on my website.

Erica / silvermarquis (she/her)

I love Pepsi, cheese, cheesy horror flicks, MST3K, sketch comedy, most music but especialy 90’s/00’s alternative rock, the flavor purple, being at the beach, and trying to be good at rhythm and puzzle games. Some of my favorite video games include Professor Layton, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and Super Mario Bros. 3. And someday, I might finish The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Probably.

In 2020, I pitched the idea to Jared that since we couldn’t host our annual Memorial picnic, we should host a charity gaming stream instead. And look at us now!

Volunteer Crew:

Alex / Biblialex (she/her)

Interests: reading a lot, watching kdramas, admiring Sidney Crosby, starting craft projects, telling apocaknits how Italian words are pronounced

Favorite Games: Splatoon 3, Breath of the Wild, ACNH, 90s-era edutainment games

Yes, I bought a Switch to play Animal Crossing during the panini like everybody else.

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting, Tech Support, Video Production, Social Media/Promotion

Alison / Burchama (she/her)

Interests: “Sportsball”, colorguard, dogs, learning about wine, and volunteering

Favorite Games: Splatoon 3, Animal Crossing, Jackbox games that don’t involve drawing

Helping with: Playing Games, Social Media/Promotion, Prizes

Chad / SirChadlyOC (he/him)

Interests: ice hockey, video game music, Wendy’s breakfast

Favorite games: Fire Emblem, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy VI, roguelike deckbuilders

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting, Tech Support, Video Production, Social Media/Promotion, Prizes

Chris / McBoat (he/him)

Interests: following Tigers baseball, playing in four bands, watching MCU movies & shows, listening to indie and alt rock

Favorite games: Solstice, Super Mario RPG, Landstalker, Halo 3, Skyrim, BOTW, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tunic, Sea of Stars

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting, Tech Support, Video Production, Social Media/Promotion

Daniel / Wyvernruler5 (he/him)

Hey there! I’m a queer, autistic gamer from the heart of Ohio. I love video games, tabletop games, 3D printing, virtual reality, aliens, and dragons. No story is ever complete without a dragon! Some of my absolute favorite video games are Destiny, Halo, Pokemon and No Man’s Sky! TTRPGs are cheaper than therapy. Be kind to each other and remember: we are all threads in a tapestry of light and life!

Helping with: Playing Games

Daphne / Gidget3am (she/her)

Interests: Music, Cleveland Browns, Disney, Golden Girls

Favorite Games: Sonic 2, LOZ: Breath of the Wild, ToeJam and Earl, Shovel Knight

Helping with: Playing Games, Tech Support, Prizes, Food

Eric / KarateCoyote (he/him)

Interests: Chewbacca, rap beef, music, horror and sci-fi books & movies, poorly done paranormal investigation shows

Favorite games: Retrogaming (Doom (1993), Tenchu Stealth Assassins (1998), Console classics like Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Splatterhouse, NHL 94, Tecmo Super Bowl, any Mortal Kombat. More Recently: Diablo IV, Rocket League, Chivalry 2, Far Cry 4-5, Witcher III, Aragami II, Fighters and Sports games.

Helping with: Playing Games

Jess / Punjabchild (she/her)

Interests: Cross Stitching, True Crime, crazy American history, Disney trivia, pugs

Favorite Game: Monopoly…but it will get ugly

Shoutout to all our volunteers and donors who turn out every year. You are all beautiful shinning lights in this often miserable hellscape we call reality.

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting, Art/Graphics, Video Production, Social Media/Promotion, Prizes, Food

John / JohnMcDaniel (he/him)

Helping with: Playing Games

Kyle (he/him)

Serial Hobbyist, Enthusiast of Cars and the Outdoors, and my greatest gaming achievement is a living Pokédex.

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting

Lindsey / Apocaknits (she/her)

Interests: Bizarre arts and crafts, movies, slightly unhinged video essays on YouTube, talking nonstop

Favorite games: Merge Mansion, Splatoon, Emoji Blitz, maybe Pokémon but I mostly dream about holding them

Helping with: Playing Games, Hosting, Video/Promotion, Prizes

Matt / Yayitsm4tt (he/him)

Coffee + games + art + design + photography + good causes and ZELDA!

Helping with: Art/Graphics

Miranda / HagSpice (they/them)

I’m just an ex-con trying to go straight and get my kids back.

Favorite games: Donkey Kong Country, TLoZ games, Skyrim, Castlevania: SotN, Kirby

Helping with: Playing Games

Rebecca (she/her)

I love having out with my family and friends, shopping, dancing, singing, laughing, going to the gym and just being my authentic self!

My favorite games are Sonic, Donkey Kong, and StarCraft.

Helping with: Playing Games, Food

Shawn / LrdApoc (he/him)

Interests: Game Design, Complex analysis of human thought patterns and choices, Playing Devil’s Advocate (and practicing without a law license!), RPG design, Writing, Drawing, Endurance Cycling, Camping, Board Games

Favorite games: Fallout series, JRPGs, TTRPGs (Pathfinder, Rogue Trader, Divinity, ), Skyrim, ARPGs (Last Epoch, Grim Dawn, Diablo), Tactical RPGs (X-Com, Freedom Force, Darkest Dungeon)

Helping with: Hosting, Tech Support