Episode 6: Tangentially Speaking

We’re back this week with an all tangents podcast. Ranging from superheroes, to superheroes, are there enough superheroes already? We talk about XBox Project Scorpio, and DLC for Zelda, and much more more.

Episode 6: Tangentially Speaking
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents

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Main Topic: The tangents are the topic. Get it?

One Dumb Thing:

New NEW especially new Nintendo 2DS XL super mega non-3D version now with thumbsticks and Knuckles

Your Final Thoughts?


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Author: jarbochov

I work hard, play hard, and browse Wikipedia the hardest. I'm always reading about games. I have a modest collection and strive to promote that videogames are for every single person.

One thought on “Episode 6: Tangentially Speaking”

  1. This may be touched on a later episdoe, but I think the first DLC for BOTW was worth it because of one thing: Master Mode. It adds new elements and challenge(s) to the game, as any good DLC should do. Also, the Korok Mask is very useful (and welcome!) addition to the game.

    As for the super hero saturation: yes, it is becoming a bit much. It’s getting to an overwhelming point, and that’s from someone just trying to keep up with the MCU. I agree that it’s a bubble that keeps growing; when’s it going to burst?

    Lastly, another superhero crossover show idea. CSI: Metropolis.

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