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  • Episode 21: Unpopular Opinion

    Episode 21: Unpopular Opinion

    We talk about Skyrim again on the Switch. Justice League was a movie. In our main topic, we dive into what makes a game a cult classic.

  • Episode 17: Why Can’t Metroid Crawl?

    Episode 17: Why Can’t Metroid Crawl?

    We discuss The Orville, Ohio’s unhappiness, Nintendo’s getting violent, and something near and dear to heart… METROID. The last Metroid is in captivity, and this podcast is at peace.

  • Episode 11: rE3-Cap

    E3 is over, and well, there’s not much to talk about. So we talk about it for an hour. Nintendo shows off Super Mario Odyssey, and Metroid.

  • Episode 10: E3 Part Scorpio

    Tangents Sega does what Nintendon’t The Road to E3 – what do we expect? Scorpio 4K is it a decider for you? Bethesda VR Games New Sci-fi setting? Other Titles: Borderlands 3? Spider-Man? New Kingdom Hearts trailer announcing another trailer Cyberpunk 2077 EA Conference Every Sports game is an RPG now.. NBA Live & Madden…