Recap & Future Plans

We came, we fought, and ultimately Brian completed a triumphant reclaiming of the Golden Joystick.

Jared took and early lead with the first two games, and then Brian trounced Jared in Windjammers to the point where viewers were donating money to end the slaughter.

Pinball isn’t the most specatator friendly sport, however, it did create a lot of drama. Jared mounted an impressive score before it was Brian’s turn. Brian then had a fantastic run nearly doubling Jared’s score. At this point, it was tied and only one game remained: Tekken.

Tekken was over pretty quickly as Brian’s skills were too much for Jared’s novice ability. After that Brian had once again reclaimed the trophy he held many years ago.

We were able to accomplish a fantastic goal with your help. We met our fundraising goal of $1,000 dollars for Child’s Play. This is something we are eternally grateful for. Thank you so much.

We are currently formulating some future plans for more events that will be more inclusive for everyone to join.

Additionally you should bookmark and follow us on Twitch and YouTube. We will have more regular streaming and video content soon. We are also working on some video highlights of the tournament in case you missed it.

2016 has commenced with a wonderous beginning. We are planning to continue with that momentum and make this a great year for gaming and charity. If you didn’t get a chance to donate, you still can!

Thank you!






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