Episode 18: Go Boldly and Carry Hope

We discuss toxic game culture and its impact on gaming at large and people who identify as gamers. We also discuss STAR TREK, and why we need it today, and how Star Trek Discovery doesn’t fill the need.

Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Episode 18: Go Boldly and Carry Hope


Main Topic: Why We Need Star Trek

Star Trek Discovery

  • Spoilers!! Star Trek: Discovery – a (not so) quick review
  • Black Alert

What is Star Trek?

  • 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Honest Trailers
  • The Philosophy of Star Trek
    • Mankind will get through this and be better
    • Morality
    • Our enemies are like us
    • Exploration & curiosity drive humanity
  • Timeline confusion & continuations
  • Death of Expanded Universe – Just like Star Wars – Books/Comics, etc. all obsoleted but will be used to pick from – “Black Fleet” comment in Discovery is based on concept by John M. Ford
  • Video Games of Star Trek
    • Good:
      • 25th Anniversary/ Judgment Rights
      • Star Trek: Bridge Commander
      • Star Trek: Starfleet Command (series)
      • Star Trek: Armada (series)
      • ST Voyager: Elite Force (series)
      • ST:TNG Pinball Table
    • Bad:
      • Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard
      • Star Trek: New Worlds
      • Star Trek (2013)

One Dumb Thing

  • Gotham – The Entire Premise


Intro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance

Main Topic Music:  Picard Song – Dark Materia

Outro Music : Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance

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