Episode 22: What He Did

Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Episode 22: What He Did


  • MEGA MAN 11!!!
    • 19 Mega Man games coming to Switch in 2018
  • Ryan Reynolds is Pikachu in Detective Pikachu. Acceptable replacement for Danny Devito.
  • Atom in Injustice. HIT BOX CHEATER?
  • Shawn bought into the VR hype. He is lost to us. RIP.
  • Disney owns everything
  • Net Neutrality falls to Corporate Overlords
  • Zelda DLC 2
  • Bayonetta 1, 2 & 3 are coming to the Switch

Main Topic: Shawn’s Intervention

  • Why Shawn failed
  • What was the moment he decided to surrender to mediocrity?
  • How could this have been prevented?
  • What lessons does this teach us for the future?
  • Can he be redeemed or is he truly lost?

Fans Giving of the Back Feeds

We didn’t get any from you from this episode. So make sure you tell us how you really feel.

One Dumb Thing

  • The repeal of net neutrality


Intro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance

Main Topic Music:  8-Bit Sound – The Doors – People Are Strange (8 bit)

Outro Music : Carol of the Belmonts – Doctor Octoroc





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