Episode 31: Our Annual Episode for 2019

Shawn and Jared travel into the new year to bring you their earnings statement for the Sines Co-Sines & Tangents Stakeholders. Oh, and Spider-man.


  • Remember our upload schedule in 2017?
  • Live show, we need to do one


  • Diablo Amiibo: The weirdest one ever!
  • Fallout 76 Discussion
    • Is it a success?
    • Emergent Story vs. Narrative
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: The Predemption
  • Nintendo Online mini-review – is it worth it?
    • Less issues with a good network. Overall: Meh
  • Buying Gifts for Your Friends & Family to recruit them into gaming
  • Ralph Wrecks The Internet Mini Review
    • Good message, bad execution, not as good as the original.
  • Spider-man Into the Spiderverse… it’s a hit.
  • Young Justice: Outsiders
  • Neither of us have Seen Aquaman, so shut up…

Main Topic: Endless Adventures

  • Why do certain games resonate?
  • What makes a game something you keep going back to?
  • Gameplay Loops, Wish Fulfillment and Reward Systems in Games
  • Emotional connections in games
  • Games without end – Evergreen Games
  • What are we owed for $60?
  • Counter: The argument for SHORTER games

Fans Giving of the Back Feeds

  • Superfan Kyle “Called In”

Missed Opportunities

  • Shawn: Legacy Board games (Betrayal, Pandemic, etc.)
  • Jared: Miyazaki Films?

One Dumb Thing

  • Soulja Boy’s Rise and Fall

One Gratifying Thing

  • Games Done Quick

Podcast Chapters

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:47 – Tangents
00:46:31 – Main Topic: Endless Adventures
01:14:49 – Fans Giving of the Back Feeds
01:18:50 – Missed Opportunities
01:24:12 – One Dumb Thing
01:26:34 – One Gratifying Thing


Intro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance
Main Topic Music: ProZD – “war does not change, jerry
Outro Music : djsmell – “Gotta Main ‘Em All!” – SMASH BROS ULTIMATE SONG Ft. Swiblet (Parody of The Pokérap)

Episode 31: Our Annual Episode for 2019
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents

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