Episode 34: Sorry To Burst Your Tangent

Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Episode 34: Sorry To Burst Your Tangent


  • Audio Engineering Fixes

My Dad Works At Nintendo (Please help us come up with a better name)

  • Microsoft + Nintendo = <3
  • Scalebound Platinum Games
  • Resurrected Nintendo Cancellations… Metroid Dread?


  • Reggie is leaving Nintendo
  • Hollow Knight Sequel
  • Doom Patrol – Jared’s view
  • Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming, takes us to the Howling End
  • Fallout Pen & Paper RPG(s)
  • Google Project Stream announced in commercial form
  • Pokémon Sword & Shield
  • Diablo on GoG – first time Digital Win 10 with graphics upgrade
    • Apparently the original isn’t Win 10 compatible
  • Octopath Mobile Prequel & Console Sequel
  • Ape Out!
  • PS4 for iOS
  • Goodbye Arrow??? I mean.. It’s still on?
  • Captain Marvel
  • Nindie Presentations

Main Topic: No Main Topic

Fans Giving of the Back Feeds

  • Superfan Kyle agrees with Shawn? Big Surprise
  • The Boafet @_ChannelThree :It may be a late topic but what about Halo finally coming to PC and being available on steam.
  • @mcboat: (1) There are rumors about Sony possibly acquiring Take Two. What’s the likelihood of that happening? And how would that fair for the franchises, with future GTAs and Red Deads being Sony exclusives?
    (2) Also from the rumor mill: Google’s coming out with a…game console?!?!
  • @mcboat: And this: James Gunn Is Hired Back to Helm ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

Missed Opportunities

  • Jared: The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide
  • Shawn: REAMDE – by Neal Stephenson

One Dumb Thing(s)

  • Emo Spock and the Talosians oh.. Section 31
  • Federation SQL

One Gratifying Thing

Podcast Chapters

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:30 – New Section That Needs A Name
00:07:48 – Tangents
00:53:12 – Still A Tangent: Captain Marvel
01:19:03 – Still Tangents: Nintendo
01:24:00 – Fans Giving Of The Backfeeds
01:30:08 – Missed Opportunities
01:35:55 – One Dumb Things
01:42:24 – One Gratifying Thing


Intro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance
Outro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance


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