Episode 7: Hey Look! A Dungeons & Dragons Ride!

We discuss role playing games, team building, and building stories or experiences that will last a lifetime.

Episode 7: Hey Look! A Dungeons & Dragons Ride!
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents

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  • Judge Dredd TV Series?
  • Subnautica (micro-review)
  • Mass Effect ON HOLD after Andromeda
  • Vanquish Pre-order on Steam
  • Remember Spider-man? Yeah he has a movie this year too…July 7
  • Hellboy Reboot

Main Topic: Learning to Play an offline RPG

  1. How to introduce new players
  2. What do new players experience?
  3. Finding your voice
  4. Simple Complexity in games
  5. Building the party – adding other players
  6. Logistics & Bad Stuff – Why gaming with people is hard
  7. Playing Offline RPGs Online
    1. Video Game DM mode: Neverwinter Nights, NWN II, DM101 Training, Divinity: Original Sin II
    2. Virtual Tabletops: Roll20.net, Fantasy Grounds, Tabletop Simulator, D20Pro
    3. Character Tools: HeroLab, HeroMachine
  8. RPG Resources:
    1. D&D (5E) Basic Rules
    2. Star Wars RPG Starter Set
      1. Which SW RPG is right for you?
    3. Pathfinder Beginner Set
    4. Starfinder RPG
    5. How to Run a Tabletop Game online


One Dumb Thing:

Alan Wake is going away from purchase.

Final Thoughts


Intro Music: Serious Monkey Business: 2-01 Roller Disco – ReMixer: Zylance


Main Topic Music: The Legend of Fat Neil (Community) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuxvyGpT_z0  (0:00-0:26 seconds)

Closing Music: D&D – Stephen Lynch

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