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  • Episode 36: The GaaS Leak Episode

    Episode 36: The GaaS Leak Episode

    Jared and Shawn tackle the real questions. Are Disney and Sony too big to fail? Is Mario Kart Tour fun? Are games as a service too big? Is a goose the ultimate video game character?

  • Episode 30: Transactional Mobility

    Episode 30: Transactional Mobility

    Tangents: Castlevania: Season 2 – WOW! WOW! Hector & Issac Bloody Tears Nintendo Diablo III Amiibos and game Playstation Classic Game Reveal – meh Pokemon Let’s Go buy two copies and actually play Pokemon Go! Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far – who is this for? (Jared. Haven’t played one) Dark Horse seemingly used tons…