Thank You For Another Successful Meal-Morial Madness

As we reflect on our fourth Meal-Morial Madness, we are profoundly grateful for those who have stood by and helped us spread the word. We never imagined in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic that we’d still be doing this 3 years later and still making an impact. With that said: THANK YOU. Thank you so much. Thank you for your generosity, for your support, and helping us make this event what it is.

By The Numbers

During Meal-Morial Madness 2023 we raised a grand total of $9,740.00 for Feeding America. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 228 individual donations
  • 68 individual donors
  • median donation amount of ~$20

While we didn’t meet our goal this year of $15,000 or last year’s milestone of $10,735, we still consider this year a success and will continue to push the goal forward for those facing food insecurity.

Other fun stats:

  • 44 games
  • 13 systems
  • 19 gamers/players
  • 14 new Pokémon discovered

What’s Next?


By now all donors have been contacted via email and we will hold the prize drawings next week. Please read the email and opt-out if you do not want to have your name in the drawing.

Once the drawings are complete, we’ll contact you directly if you’ve won and arrange sending your prize to you. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this done as soon as practical. We handle all the shipping and communication on our own time (we still have day jobs).


We plan on getting our VODs (videos on demand) of each game up sooner than we did last year. That is to say: before the end of the year. We also will upload some of our new content such as the new Pokémon bumpers.


There’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes that happens prior to the event starting. This year we produced several videos in advance of the event outlining the call to action, explaining what Meal-Morial Madness is, and getting the word out. We also put volunteer forms on our website in April for anyone that wanted to assist with the event.

Additionally, we were a sponsor at this year’s CORGSCON to get the word out. We passed out flyers and even had Pepsiman assist us in getting hype.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to assess the impact of these efforts as we were under our goal for last year. We want Meal-Morial Madness to grow and be sustainable for the future and for that intent we will always need help where we can get it.

We invite you to reach out now if you’re interested in helping out with future events in the areas of:

  • Video Production
  • Art Assets
  • Writing Copy
  • Schedule Coordination
  • Advanced Technical Support (PC, OBS, audio engineering, video engineering)
  • Onscreen Broadcast UX Design
  • Sponsorship

If you are interested, please reach out on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website to start that conversation now.

In Summary

We are honored and thankful for those who made this year possible – from all of our volunteers helping out behind the scenes to make 36 hours of non-stop content run smoothly, to those who helped get the word out, and to the donors who gave with their generosity.

Thank you,

Jared “jarbochov” Cherup






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