Five Years of Success!

Every year as we plan for Meal-Morial Madness there’s always uncertainty, and every year our wonderful community and donors quell any uncertainty by showing up with a tremendous amount of support.

This year we were able to raise $9,285 for Feeding America, which provides over 90,000 meals for those in need. Thank you for your generosity and your support.

The Stats

This year we were able to bring the stream to both Twitch and YouTube. We had over 40 games (that’s more than one game an hour!) on 17 systems.

  • Grand total of $9,285
  • 395 donations
  • 88 unique donors
  • Median donation of $10

That median donation amount of $10 shows you that small donations really make a huge difference!

We raised in the rankings on Tiltify to become the #2 team supporting Feeding America. (We also raised more money than Jimmy Fallon! Take that Fallon!)

The 4Score7Pongs Community has raised over $35,000 for Feeding America in the last four years, and nearly $40,000 for charities since 2016.

Behind The Scenes

We had many people working behind the scenes on social media and planning. With our fifth year under our belt it seems we know what we’re doing. We did have some technical challenges, but as we scaled up behind the scenes our team handled them swiftly and calmly, and we appreciate your patience. Our volunteers spend a lot of time planning and organizing before the event even starts. Try coordinating nearly 20 people on a tight schedule for a fun try-at-home exercise.

Spreading The Word

We have spent our own money on advertising and promoting the event, however, those don’t really have any significant impact over the word of mouth and social shares, so we will be scaling those back in the future. We really do appreciate everyone who shared on your personal feeds, etc. We are always looking at how to get the word out to make a larger impact.

The Future

In case you missed it, we announced we’ll be back next year on Saturday, May 24th! If you are interested in helping out in any way, please get in touch at or join our Discord for any announcements.

I want to personally thank anyone who donated, volunteered, or even shared the link. Thank you! THANK YOU!

Here is the end credits video for our event that lists everyone involved in making such an event possible.

One More Thing

Last year we weren’t able to make a special music video to add to your summer playlist. This year thanks to the musical stylings of Chris McLaughlin and Erica Cherup we’re bringing you FIVE! If you’re a fan of Splatoon, please enjoy.

Eternally grateful,

Jared “jarbochov” Cherup






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