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  • Thank You For Making Meal-Morial Madness a Success!

    Thank You For Making Meal-Morial Madness a Success!

    Thank you for helping us have an awesome event.

  • Recap & Future Plans

    Recap & Future Plans

    A recap of our tournament, and some plans for the future.

  • We’re LIVE! TUNE IN!

    We’re are live. Please tune and join us on Twitch. We’ll be in the chat along with our host Shawn. Let us know who you want to win with the hashtags #teamjarbo (Jared) and #teamtoast (Brian).  Our tenative schedule is as follows: *All times are EST 12 PM – Introduction 12:15 PM – Resogun 45…

  • Hang a poster, help the cause

    As was announced tonight, this year’s 4 Score & 7 Pongs Ago tournament will benefit Child’s Play. We want to raise $1000 and every little bit will help. So to help motivate and get the word out, I’ll donate an extra $20 for every person that prints out this poster, hangs it up where others…

  • Gaming For A Cause – Child’s Play

    This upcoming tournament we’ve decided to change many things. One thing that I’d considered was making the day dedicated to a cause. With support and encouragement from others we’re going to give it a shot. We’ve set up a goal with Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to providing toys and games to children in hospitals.…